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Medical Practice In Germany

12 steps to Germany with CERTA

1. Personal Contact: In your country of origin you will find our competent staff who are there for you in all matters. Trust is the basis of our cooperation.

2. Medical German Language course training: We organize the best courses in Germany, help you get your FSP and pay in advance for the course, travel and accommodation

3. Documents: We provide comprehensive support and provide detailed information on all certificates and documents required to obtain an approbation in Germany.

4. Approbation procedure: We fully cover the fees for the approbation procedure in Germany (approximately EUR 450,00). This is favourable to your budget: You pay no expenses.

5. Passing the FSP Exam: Passing the exam is a prerequisite for your medical practice test. We cover travel and accommodation costs in Germany (appr. EUR 1 000,00).

6. Job offers: When you receive your approbation, we offer you interesting, attractive job offers for your desired specialization in a region of your choice.

7. Applying for a job: We assist in the preparation and organization of all the necessary documents for a successful applying for a job in a German clinic.

8. Interview Preparation: We train with you the job interview at a German clinic with chief physicians. In this way, you gain security and present your skills in the best possible light.

9. Travel and accommodation: We prepare the travel plan for interviews and internships and arrange for the overnight stay. Plus: we pay the travel and accommodation costs.

10. Employment contract: If you receive an offer from a clinic in Germany, we will review your employment contract in accordance with German law. So we will make sure everything is fine.

11. Living in Germany: We assist with the first formalities: residence registration, health insurance, bank account, Doctor’s Chamber, pension fund, apartment, kindergarten, etc.

12. Full service from CERTA: We advise and accompany you confidently and with great commitment on your successful trip to Germany. Our service is completely free for you.

CERTA ACADEMY offers you a great opportunity to prepare yourself optimally in Germany for the Medical German examination and interviews. Simulations such as doctor-patient discussions or specialized discussions between doctors: In a friendly work atmosphere, professional coaches train with you in group and individual exercises, how you can safely and confidently take the exam.

Why exactly CERTA?

We help you gather all the documents you need: CERTA assists you in collecting all the documents you need to prove your education and language skills in Germany. In the event that there is still something missing, CERTA will give you information about course and exam to obtain the required language level B2. CERTA ACADEMY offers targeted preparation courses for the Specialized German Exam.

We do our best to recognize your certificates: Documents in your native language must be recognized by the authorities in Germany. CERTA offers you all the information on translation and certification of certificates. Then CERTA assumes all tasks to be recognized your qualification by the competent experiencing authorities in Germany.

Individual Approach

We support you with funding: Together with you CERTA to finance your desire to work in Germany. CERTA also offers more: For doctors, we cover 100% of the approbation fee with the German authorities. And more: All travel and accommodation expenses during interviews in Germany are at the expense of the company.

We guarantee you interesting job offers in Germany: Upon recognition of your education and validation in Germany, CERTA provides you with attractive job offers. We find a job in your professional field in a German clinic – and even in the region you want.

Competence Builds the Trust

Personal Assistant: The decision to move to Germany is a major step that is often accompanied by change throughout the life course. We at CERTA know this. Therefore, trusted personal service is of great importance to us. Ask your personal assistant about anything that interests you. We will definitely find a good solution with you.

Overall concept: Comprehensive information about the conditions in Germany, we offer you language courses, mediation to successfully obtain an approbation, a job and placement assistance and the search for a suitable home, kindergarten or school. Best of all: Our services are completely free of charge to you.