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Moving to Germany is a big step and it raises many questions: “What documents do I need to prove my qualifications? Where can my certificates be translated and certified? Where to find the best Specialist Foreign Language Exam preparation courses?” CERTA will give you comprehensive answers and valuable tips!

You have been gotten your approbation in your home country and see your future in a prestigious clinic in Germany. But how do you get a job in your chosen region? Where do you need to register? And how do you find a home for you, your partner and your children? Welcome to CERTA!

Practice your language skills in German

CERTA ACADEMY offers you a great opportunity to prepare yourself optimally for the Medical German Examination (FSP) in Germany. In a friendly work atmosphere, professional coaches train with you in group and individual exercises on how to confidently present your language skills in the examination.

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Your competent partner

CERTA has over 15 years of experience and knows the industry. Our employees are very familiar with the situation in your home country and also, they know that moving to Germany is taking a big step. We are proud to give you over 1000 successful examples and we continue to write our success stories daily. We help you build your future.

We are distinguished by the fact that we offer the right solutions that exactly meet the personal needs and desires of each candidate! From obtaining the necessary documents, certificates and diplomas, through German language training, to housing search and bargain job offers: Your CERTA’s personal consultant is always available and will gladly give you valuable advice.